Web content & design

Over the last five years, I have produced a large volume of original content for several online magazines, as well as doing page layout, navigation, and creating a functional, aesthetic design framework.

Demesne—Home improvement, maintenance, and gardening are the primary topics for an audience of new and novice homeowners.
Antique Home—Almost a thousand pages of house plans and information on old homes from 1900 to 1960.
Arts & Crafts Society—The Arts & Crafts Society was originally founded in 1997 by Carol Kamm of Michigan and purchased by Canright in 2008. The structure remained intact for SEO reasons, but was otherwise completely redesigned.
In addition to the "magazine" sites, I wrote, edited, and managed several intranet sites for large corporations including Medscape (which is now defunct), AlliedSignal (aka Honeywell), and Nike.

No discussion of web content and design is complete without covering search engine optimization, accessibility, and usability. Though not a bona fide expert in all of them ... there are people out there who are genuine authorities ... I do claim a reasonable expertise in these areas and can create sites and content that follow the rules and guidelines that govern these important areas.