WordPress Theme & CSS Tweaking

Every now and then, I get it into my head that adding a blog is a great idea. This is another of those times. Then I call my friend the programmer and she invariably talks me out of it. The reason for that is simply because we can add content so easily as HTML pages.

Still, there is incredible convenience in writing blog posts. It’s so easy to post what I’m doing or finding … my latest research project, a new and useful resource, or geeky breakthrough like figuring out what the best way is to solve a problem.

As in the immortal words, paraphrased slightly, by the Dowager Countess on Downtown Abbey: “Life is solving problems one after the other … <Maggie Smith cocks her head> … and then you die.”

So, as of today, we have a consistent navigation for both the existing website and the blog … a problem which would have been so much more easily solved if I had more proficiency in PHP and time to decipher the very geeky Codex published by WordPress. ┬áSo there are some issues with the website CSS that I’m still working out, but it should be cleaned up in the next couple days.